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The high quality of our Windows VPS services is unmatched in reliability, cost and quality. Our package is based on the Xeon E5-2620 processor the Dual. What enables us to provide our customers with the best service. It is installed with the latest innovations in computing power and server software. If you are looking for an advanced Windows VPS, Airbitcoinvps will be your best solution. Flexible virtual server for good price, Airbitcoinvps Services for Windows VPS are the best in the world.
We can provide the backend compatibility for website hosting, the necessary software software communications, the game server system and any other protocol. Performance of Windows Server and duration of work at 99.9%, you will not find a better service than Airbitcoinvps. We provide our Windows VPS services in the United States, Germany and Switzerland. You can get unlimited bandwidth with our package.


You need more variation to adapt the capacity of each virtual machine? Airbitcoinvps Company will be for you the ideal solution.



Guaranteed Dedicated RAM. All RAM and disk resources are set and can not be oversold.


Money-back guarantee

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HDD Space



Available locations: Linux vps USA USA, Los Angeles, Linux vps Switzerland Switzerland, Zurich, Linux vps Germany Germany, Nuremberg.
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Benefits of Windows VPS Service
Control your server services using a Web browser or mobile application

Windows VPS Servers offer a lot of advantages in contrast to other alternatives available in the market. Our Windows VPS server is compatible with .Net software software. That makes it easier for programmers to write server applications and software for process management software and automation. These functions are sometimes difficult or complicated to implement on Apple, or Linux servers.

Thus, most people are familiar with Windows. So easy to set up new profiles and services. Additional compatibility with programmers easy to create interactive media.

When using Windows, easily removed in case of errors or problems. And our technical support team is always ready to help. If you have any difficulties or questions, you can contact our support team at any time.


How to Start?
Local and Backup on remote server

To get started with Windows VPS from Airbitcoinvps, you need to register and web hosting control panel. In Control Panel, you can configure and install a wide range of powerful and advanced Windows Web services, including, XAMPP, IIS and others.

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Use the sliders above to pick your Cores, RAM, and Primary Disk size. Then choose your preferred billing method and customize your server.